Ragtag group of scoundrels still top of the table

Rest of world asking ‘How have we let this happen?’

It’s 2017 now and the 16/17 Eredivisie season is half way complete, and somehow the makeshift football team known as Feyenoord are inexplicably still at the top of the league, and a whopping 5 points clear.

Ever since Feyenoord first kicked off their first league match I was screaming ‘Lucky! Lucky!’ at the TV, wondering how they could continue playing at this level. Little did I know this was only the beginning, and that Feyenoord would continue to have a level of good fortune only rivalled by anyone who has ever beat me at FIFA (the cheating buggers).

I don’t speak much Dutch, but I can only take an educated guess that this tweet from the Feyenoord official Twitter account can only say:

‘Wow, we can’t believe our luck in 2016. What is going on with this world? Anyway, here’s to an even luckier 2017.’

Meanwhile, world-renowned and beautiful club Ajax are languishing down in an inappropriate 2nd position, biding their time to clinch the title at the last minute. They’re going for excitement, something we’re not all familiar with, having played under Frank de Boer.

Bitter rivals from last year PSV, who were charmingly founded by a hardware company, are nowhere to be seen. I wasn’t even sure if they’re playing this year, but a friend has assured me they’re doing their very best.

As for the ‘football team’ from Rotterdam, it’s only a matter of time until their luck runs out, but it isn’t all bad news for them. Judging by their performance in the last de Klassieker, they’d make a hell of a rugby team – perhaps the best of all time.

The winter break is drawing to and end now, and Ajax return to action away at PEC Zwolle on the 15th. We’re coming for you, Feyenoord!

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